Our Philosophy‚Äč

About Us

Owner Rick Sharpe runs this family oriented store with a few priorities in mind. His business is old fashioned and always puts a focus on personal interactions. When you call, Rick answers, end of story. Satisfying customers and solving problems are what its all about, and with a small, talented, tight knit, trusted staff, that isn't hard to do!

We have been open since 2002 and have changed a lot throughout the years. Ricks began as just a sporting goods store that catered strictly to sports teams and cheering, and while that is still where a lot of the screen-printing focus goes to, we have expanded tremendously. 

Our biggest asset is easily our on site graphic design artist, Marshall O'hern. Any t-shirt shop can download an image or logo and put it on a shirt but with Marshall, you don't have to come in knowing exactly what you want your finished product to look like, you just have to have an idea and Marshall can make it come to life!